Sunrise reflection on DangaBay


A morning drive pass Lido beach and Danga bay..
(Opps..forgot to clean the lense before taking the shot, but anyway...its a nice morning to remember)


A Photo Expedition at DAnga Bay.

The Clear evening sky with the Sun setting beautifully across the Horizon.

A walk along the DangaBay foot path review a Romantic evening for couples out to enjoy the lovely view.

Overlook out to the Bay, the sun sets gracefully.

The couples shadow in the twilight rising up the Mystic of love

The Ship reflection fill the water with flickering light over dusk falling in.

The Amusement parks start to fill up with live.

Dusk continue to fall into the evening darkness

Well Nite finally fall in with bay end in Darkness with the light of Human Live filling the atmosphere.
Twilight at Lido Beach- Danga Bay

Sunset at lido beach (adjacent to DangaBay)

Sunset at Lido Beach


Man as Part of Nature

Boat - Array

Boats - Solidatary

Distant Flats= Split Reflection


Beautiful Malaysia- country side at Pagoh Highway.